If you just now join AmazeOwl family these video tutorials will be very useful for you and help you to understand how our platform is working and find your winning product faster:

How To Save Potential Products - https://youtu.be/fQQZ7Wtr3J0

How To Adjust Your Settings - https://youtu.be/r29sF636uXI

How To Track Your Product - https://youtu.be/2X9Z0ZgWGEA

How To Build Your Keywords - https://youtu.be/SnOhXVIxnuo

How To Use The Product Database - https://youtu.be/D4F2BLPnN5Y

The last one and the most important video, which will help you evaluate your research results: How To Understand Your Market Performance & Trends Over A Period Of Time - https://youtu.be/EIDslT_QTPk
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