What does Search Frequency Rank mean?

The Search Frequency Rank.

"Last Year Amazon started to roll out the Search Term Rank report as part of Brand Analytics reports! And now it's available for all Amazon marketplaces.

If you understand the concept of BSR - STR (Search Term Rank
is exactly the same.

STR #1 is the most searchable term on Amazon and STR #2,000,000 is a very rare searchable term on Amazon. Exactly as a BSR#1 in Home & Kitchen is for product people buy most and

BSR#1,000,000 is a product people buy once a few days on Amazon.

Don't be confused, it's a ranking. It's like putting the search terms in order of number searches from the highest positions to lowest….

What search term rank I need for successful product research:

The simple rule for beginners: Today "Yoga mat" was #26 which means huge demand!!!

And "Rainbow Yoga mat", is #1,156,137 which has a very long tail keyword

High demand keywords below half a million SRT for Amazon US and bellow 100,000 for other markets as a high volume keyword.

Medium Volume 500,000-1,000,000 in US 100,000 -200,000 other marketplaces

And low volume is higher

It's perfect if your niche has a high volume keyword, but usually, it's quite crowded.

IT's even better if your niche consists of few medium volume keywords. So you can gain sales from a few medium volumes and get even more in total than 1 high volume.


AmazeOwl was using it from the beginning as it was one of the good choices to estimate monthly searches. But today when we have a PRECISE date of Search Term Rank. We just don't need it.

As our goal with AmazeOwl provides the most affordable and precise platform to start the Amazon business.")

Updated on: 23/09/2020

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